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@ everyone else: Doesn't matter which version. I'm more interested in the actual behavior When you have the car in D and operate the paddle, what exactly happens on the display and on the baseplate? Does the baseplate illuminate D and DS or just D or just DS? Also, how many seconds does it take for the transmission to shift back into normal D if the paddle is operated once in D mode?


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ok but lets say you're just sitting still and the shifter is in D. then you tap the paddle and M1 or M2 shows.. how long does it exactly take in seconds until it switches automatically back into D. Also, what happens with the baseplate where P, R, N, D, DS is displayed by the shifter. For the LEDs, does DS only, D only or do both D and DS light up?
I'm not totally sure what you're after with this, but the amount of time the transmission will stay in "M" (manual) mode with the shifter still in the "D" position is variable as far as I know. My recommendation is to move the shifter over to the manual gate if you want to use the paddles. If I don't do that, my car will sometimes change back to the regular shift program very quickly.

As for the lights on the shifter bezel, I don't think they change if you just click a paddle in the regular "D" position. I guess I've never paid much attention on either of the E90s I've had as far as that goes.

Oh, and I replaced my original steering wheel with an M3 DCT wheel with the M3 paddles. Makes the car so much better.....