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Originally Posted by GenePoole View Post
I have the original Dension 500 MOST box (not the newer BT version). I wired the USB to a socket in the console so it is pretty much like a factory setup. I just plug my 32G stick into the socket and I'm good to go. I have the CCC iDrive and it lets me navigate about as easily as any MP3 player I've used.
Thanks for the reply USB is exactly what I'm interested in.

I should give a little background. I had recently installed the GROM MST3, because it's cheaper than the competition (mainly due to the fact that it only comes with USB by default. Aux, BT, and Ipod cables are additional, which is fine since I only want USB), and the fact that MoBridge doesn't have USB and I have no ipod, and that Dension doesn't list the E89 Z4 as supported. Long story short, the MST3 works fine but has a serious firmware flaw that requires a very annoying workaround. I must insert the key into the ignition within 10 seconds of unlocking the door, or the MST3 won't play. So it always feels like a mad dash every time I get into my car. Even if I do that, it plays but always resets from the beginning of the playlist. I have a ticket open with GROM and am awaiting a firmware fix.

I wanted to have a backup plan so I contacted Dension. During my research for the GROM install, I realized the non-iDrive audio system on the E89 is identical to the on E90/E92, and GROM lists both as supported. GROM's installation instruction even looks identical to Dension's. So I asked Dension why E89 isn't listed as supported for the Gateway 500 while E90/E92 is, and show them that the systems are the same. They review my supporting info and said it probably will work just fine but they just haven't tested it. Then they offered me a discount to be the guinea pig. So if GROM can't come up with a firmware fix in a reasonable amount of time for my problem, I'll likely try the Dension route. Just wanted to make sure there are no major issues in the latest incarnation
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