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I'm having issues with my y-cable in my 2008 328i sedan after trying my iphone 5 lightning adapter on it. First off, this didn't work properly because all it did was play the music as if it was aux so I could not control the music with the cars controls. And it also does not charge my iPhone 5 at all. Now when I plug in my regular iPod it no longer recognizes it under the iPod selection in my car. I'm going to BMW tomorrow morning to see if a new y-cable will help fix this issue
It is charging the phone even when it says it's not, albeit VERY slowly (and depending on what you're doing, the power drain may be higher).
Okay so I went to the dealership this morning and they told me that the cable that works with the iPhone 4 even with the lightning adapter will not work properly. I spoke to a representative at the parts department and he told me that in June or July they will be coming out with a new cable to support the iPhone 5. I'm hoping this comes sooner because now when I try to plug in my regular iPod I've lost all controls on my center console. It's been reduced to only charge my iPod and play through auxiliary rather than the iPod setting. I was going to purchase another cable but they sell them for about $90 And I feel that's kind of a waste of money especially since the lightning adapter that I purchased was about $40 and it wrecked all the controls on that y-cable. It doesn't look too good for us right now. Hope this helps