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Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post
I think its important that you state this....simply because everyone's opinion on fitment differs. As such, when I post up my group buy sale this year, I will have a rating system of the parts I sell. I will note the rating system for everyone's reference, and you can judge how it measures up to your own views, and then you can make a better judgement if you want the part or not. I bet there is no other online shop or local, that would be this honest and upfront with its customers.

Important to note that as a member on these forums, and an active participant at club meets and cruises, I have zero intent to sell anyone anything they would not be happy with. Since I have now seen and installed on cars the majority of aftermarket parts out there, I can give some honest criteria on the fitment.

Another aspect people often take for granted, and no one has mentioned here is that the fitment has A LOT to do with the shop that installs it for you. There is always some work to be done by the shop to improve the fitment. And while some may not think shops play a factor....I would bet my car that it does. I have seen these parts being installed, and I have seen them on cars from various shops. You can tell when a shop didn't give a fk, or when the person who owns the car wanted to pay next to nothing to get the work done. I have also seen great replicas, good replicas, and shitty replicas that require the guy that installed it to go through therapy.

Don't underestimate a shops efforts when dealing with aftermarket parts. NO aftermarket parts fit perfectly as previously noted, but some parts only need a little time and care from a given shop to get that perfect looking fitment.
I agree with you. So let me be more clear. I bought the M3 side skirts from extremeparts and they installed it for me. I will give 7/10 for the parts, assume they did 100% effort to install it.

my full mark will be given to OEM parts

9/10 will be given to "perfect" fitment aftermarket parts that doesn't need too much installation effort

8/10 will be given to aftermarket parts that require extra effort to make it perfect.

7/10 is overall good but has small imperfection.

6/10 is can be installed but has critical imperfection.

blow 6/10 is unacceptable or cannot be installed.

Lol, I think I should copy the criteria and paste it each time when I made a review.