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Car crashes into my car in MY driveway + drifferential question!

Taking a nap, relaxing, long long week at school. I wake up around 6:30pm and sat there laying down on my laptop for a few minutes until I heard a loud BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOOOOOM! No tire screeches at all, I'm like what the hell?! Jump up, throw on clothes and run downstairs, you know that excitement or adrenaline you get when you hear a car accident, well I approach my front door and I see headlights.... and I think.. well thats odd... take a step closer.. oh no, no no.... open the door and a car is in my driveway, up the curb crashed behind my car (mother's) IN MY driveway...

Women took a wild turn and just kept turning never straightened out.. (my house is 2nd from the corner) thus barreling through an Acura TL + Pickup waiting for the light, smashing into a neighbors parked Forester and then crashing into the Camry in my driveway causing it to leap forward about 3-4 feet.. front bumper is dented, scratched and slightly hanging off.. got all the information, girl was very shaken up... didn't say a word, boyfriend? husband i don't know? did all the talking. What shocked me was she NEVER hit the brakes, no screeches, no hot brakes, car NEVER lost traction, i don't know what happened she just froze up.

ANYWAY!!! My sister drove the car last, and never puts the e-brake on, my mother and I do, I don't know why, we just always engage the E-brake after shifting into park and parking.. The car flying forward 3-4 feet missed bricks by about an inch or two... I argued putting the e-brake on would have allowed the car to stay firmly in place, skidding maybe a few inches forward and without the e-brake, the car could have rolled this feet and the FWD (differential?) could have been damaged.. whose right? would the e-brake have caused more damage? I know it would have hurt the driver alot more as it would feel like hitting a wall with little give.. would've been a nice gift (she was okay, no airbags)! Can someone clear this up?

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