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Originally Posted by ES_TRADER View Post
Get it if u want fine swirls and scratches

Everyone's tolerances are different when it comes to scratches. I once had a detailertry to talk me into letting him wash my car with the stuff. I told him to demo it first before I let him touch my car. He walks over to someone's black car and decides to wash the hood. Finishes the job, and was patting himself on the back and praising the product saying look perfect, clean and no scratches.

I walk over tilt my head at an angle and I see a plethora of swirls he just put into that car in the direction he was wiping. I walked away and said no thanks.
Unless the car was absolutely filthy, I've found that ONR is probably the safest technique that can be used to clean a car. Even touchless high pressure washes can leave scratches, ONR when used correctly should leave none.