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FYI found the procedure I used

After you run a Consistency Check, you need to create a profile that you use from then on to write to the car called a .man file

In NCSExpert:
File > Load profile > Expertmode > OK
File > edit profile (Password is 'repxet')
Select 'car-keymemory' (check all 3 boxes) > OK
Select 'Consistency Check' (should say 'OK') > OK
Select 'FSW/PSW' ('CVT' selected + both bottom check boxes) > OK
Select 'Consistency Check' (should say 'OK') > OK

Then create the .man file:
File > save profile as > (Enter 'Filename' CSEXPER\PFL\xxxx.PFL) > OK
xxxx = 4 digit name of your choosing, not same as what is currently in file name
File > edit profile (Password is 'repxet') > profile info > set profile name = 'FSW PSW MAN'
You need to load this profile from now on EVERY time you enter NCSExpert to code

After that is done, to code:

Start NCSExpert
File > > load profile > 'FSW PSW MAN' (will load what you just created above)
F1 > F3 > E89 > select 'CAS'
F6 (or back)
F4 (Process ECU)> select module you want to code, for Windows Up it will be 'CAS' > OK > 'Read ECU'

This will create a FSW_PSW.TRC file for ONLY the module you selected

Close the screen that comes up with all the chinese writing
Go to Work Folder
Open FSW_PSW.TRC file with Notepad
File > save as all > 'FSW_PSW.MAN'

The FSW PSW MAN profile that you just created earlier will use this FSW_PSW.MAN file & this is where you will make your changes
Open file FSW_PSW.MAN (you should see all the code lines for the module)
Find 'KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB' (for windows up thru key fob) -or- 'KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_PA' (for windows up thru comfort access) > change to 'aktiv'
File > save
Go back to NCS and select F5
Select 'coapiReadSgGETFSWPSW' > OK (reads all the values including the one you just changed)
At next screen > OK (should then say 'basic function perfect ended') > OK
Select F2 (job)
Select F3 (to execute job)
screen will gray out then you should see 'coding ended' message. Test windows to see if they work
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