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Winter wheel debacle with my Insurance Company


I'm having issues with my insurance company and the installation of winter wheels.

When I switched from 19" MV4's to my 18" MV3 set-up I was advised that at an additional premium of 36 something had to be paid, as the change of wheel size and style was classed as a modification

I argued this and explained that BMW don't offer a 19" winter wheel and I was being penalised unfairly due to me actively trying to improve my safety and reduce my chances of an accident over the colder months. The insurance company have accepted this and have agreed to refund the additional collection under the proviso that; if I'm involved in an accident that the wheels are switched back to the original MV4's, which I accept.

However, what I don't want is; if any damage was done to my MV3 wheels (in the case of an accident) that I would be left with the bill and be effectively out of pocket as the said insurance company and not prepared to cover the MV3 wheels and replace or repair them

Am I being unreasonable, or am I well within my rights to think they are being a typical money grabbing so-and-so? What option do you think I have and has anybody else been in this predicament? I just want to gather as much info as possible before replying to them.

Thanks in advance,