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FFS - what did I start.... who the hell said I was looking down on anyone ..

I thought the picture was cool and was trying to share that, thought I write up a bit about what I thought of it... anyway ... won't bother my arse in the future.

maybe didn't come across right ... I would have never considered the 320d before (my own opinion, I choose bigger engines as typically they are cheaper on the used market (due to running costs) and I don't do a lot of miles in the BMW) .. maybe snob wasn't the right word. The point was I was well impressed with this - the engine, the finish etc.. and of course the mpg, this was a lovely car ... and the first point was - I'm now looking for one for my wife!

and the 320d sounds much better than my 330i at the minute

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Anyway......... back to the original post

I've got some 313's on my e92, lovely wheels however they are a nightmare for scratch's and marks. You have to be so careful with car parks, especially mulit-story ones with the curbed ramps etc.

I have a Pre LCI too and my H8 bulbs are better than the yellow ones but nowhere near as good as the LCI ones, i think its hard impossible to get the same look.

I've got an 320d too. I could of got a 330d or 335d but I do lots of regular long trips to Scotland and London and im loving the mpg i get. Everyone's situation is different
ohno ... just ordered a set of the replica 313's ... couldn't justify the price for the OEM ones, so maybe won't feel soo bad.

I agree with you on the H8... did a lot of reading around - I'll make do for now... but they look great on the LCI cars.

My wife does a lot more miles than me and the 320d makes sense for the reasons you pointed out ... just going to be a while to save up for one

@MLAM .. def noticed some quality improvements on the LCI car, but could just have been because it had the 'new car' feel and smell... really like the LCI front - and in my opinion much nicer than the 4-er.