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Originally Posted by Vaheed1 View Post
Afternoon all.

My GTi is about to hit 130,000 miles and with it being a DSG, I'm starting to get a little nervous about it all. It has recently been serviced and works as it should - although there are some days when it can be a little jerky at low speeds and if I'm not changing the gears myself, a little hesitant through 1st 2nd and 3rd.

I'm pretty sure this is down to the fact that I do allot of short journeys - and the car isn't getting a proper chance of warming up and keeping warm. On the long runs I have had in it - 2-300 miles - the gearbox is smooth throughout.

So, do you think it's worth getting a 3rd party warranty? If so, is there anyone you can recommend for high mileage cover?

I've done a google search and just get the same old fill-your-name-in-and-we-will-spam-your-inbox-to-death websites, which have no intentions of selling me a warranty. The big hitters in the market - warranty direct..etc... will not cover above 100,000 miles.
I think you'll struggle to find any cover for a car with so many miles,and if you do, the monthly/yearly fee will be prohibitively expensive.
The cover will also probably contain so many exclusions that have an impact on what the cover really gives you,that it would be a total waste of money.

You'd be better off setting aside a sum of money mthly,so if something expensive does happen,you'll have something to one side which helps.

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