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Originally Posted by A_P View Post
Where were you driving mate, in a vacuum at a constant 56mph?
I do up to a thousand business miles a week. That means a lot of time on the motorway and I usually set the cruise for an indicated 80 or 75 which gives me high 30's for a journey with not much other driving at each end. 42mpg for a trip the one time I was really trying to drive like a saint. I have had 33-34 mpg averages for the last 50k miles in this car.

The other driving I do often sees full throttle/revs but I almost never use the car for short trips or town driving, and if traffic dictates I can't have fun I try and drive as economically as possible. The fact I just changed my brakes for the first time at 70k shows I am pretty light on the brakes, then again the fact I used to track and race cars a lot and switch the DSC off many times on most journeys indicates I'm not shy of using full performance when I want to, either. I'm very happy with the car's MPG.

We use my wife's Golf for short trips, town driving,and holidays, since otherwise mine does all the miles. Incidentally this - a Golf Plus 1.6 FSi petrol - barely exceeds the 330's MPG on a long run - indeed if you start to cruise at more than an indicated 80 the 330 is more economical, especially loaded up! We get about 39MPG out of it normally. If my wife drove my car she's get that out of mine!