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Originally Posted by dotmit View Post
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I have an E93 now!

The other reason I ordered from the dealer is I still have AUC warranty and 1.5 years of service package left to run... 5/2009 build date on my car (pre-LCI) according to RealOEM.
Not sure what warranty has to do with map discs, but anyway, attached to the underside of your bonnet (near the catch) is a build sticker, this will confirm your factory build date if you are unsure.

If your car has not had a software update since new, then you will not get 7 digit postcodes working. The nav O/S up to late 2010 date cannot handle 7 digits even if they are on the nav map discs you load up.

The Nav o/s vehicle software (not nav map data) from approx mid 2010 will enable 7 digit postcodes (even if you have the 7 digit map data), or so previous info on here would suggest.

I can't find the post, but there was a specific ISTA-P version from which 7 digits were enabled, I checked mine when it had the HPFP done in late 10 and only just pipped the post with the right sw version even then.
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