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Originally Posted by ObiwanChen View Post
I agree with you. So let me be more clear. I bought the M3 side skirts from extremeparts and they installed it for me. I will give 7/10 for the parts, assume they did 100% effort to install it.

my full mark will be given to OEM parts

9/10 will be given to "perfect" fitment aftermarket parts that doesn't need too much installation effort

8/10 will be given to aftermarket parts that require extra effort to make it perfect.

7/10 is overall good but has small imperfection.

6/10 is can be installed but has critical imperfection.

blow 6/10 is unacceptable or cannot be installed.

Lol, I think I should copy the criteria and paste it each time when I made a review.

lol just add it to your sig