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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
There already is very little damping with the trunk volume simulated at 16 ft3. With the trunk open the xmax basically stays the same, and the output just drops a little. The program I believe assumes a true IB environment on the front side of the cone, so modeling windows up and down does not work.

When I smoked the VC on my sub yesterday I was using a 30Hz subsonic and the program calculated a max. excursion of 16 mm, which is also the sub's xmax, and I can vouch that the sub was playing linear at the time, so the program I think is very accurate and reliable for that. Your 12w7 has a Pe of 750W I believe so giving it 1000W could be problematic. If I were you I would do the JL gain setting technique in order to avoid sending it more than it can handle. My Infinity did not give me any audible warning before I smelled burnt metal and at that point the sub is already toast (pun intended) so be careful with that very expensive sub of yours! If you want to be extra safe I would say get a JL 750/1 amp, since that's all the power you're ever going to need anyway.
Actually, I just looked up the specs on the 12W7 again and the Pt (Pe) is 1000W so I'd say you're good! At 1000W, keeping the same 25Hz 4th order subsonic filter, your calculated xmax is 24 mm at 29Hz.
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