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Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
V1 is not "Spectre" immune which means it can be detected by radar detector detectors (the Spectre) used by VSP. Only STi and Redline are invisible as far as dash RD's. STi-R and 9500 ci are invisible but are installed RD's
Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
I don't this is true but a friend of mine told me that police another type of radar that knows if you have a radar detector with you? I don't believe its isn't right? I'm looking to get a V1 because I have tints and not looking to being bugged about them..I live in LA 818 area also so the V1 is a good choice for the city right?
upstatedoc is completely right, only the Redline and the STi Magnum are invisible as far as portable RDs go.
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