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Originally Posted by nate5ks View Post
If you're living in an area that uses laser a lot seriously consider a jammer. I have the blinder m27 installed and it hasn't failed me yet. Pay attention to whether the cops in your area usually stand or kneel outside their patrol car to get your speed or just sit inside their car. Laser has problems when passing through glass so cops will usually get out when using it although occasionally I have seen cops getting out while using radar too. I'm using an STI Driver right now, looking to upgrade to the Redline. I don't like that I get an audible alert up to a second after the visible alert on the STI. I don't understand why the manufacturer would design it this way because every second counts and sometimes the radar detector is out of my view. Another reason I like Escort's design better is that the expert mode will display multiple hits within the same band and the strength of each. The STI only displays the strongest in each band. This can be detrimental when you frequently travel through an area with those annoying "your speed is" signs. Since those signs usually put out a high strength signal they could be masking a greater threat and if you're using the STI you would never know. If Beltronics has fixed this somebody please correct me as I don't want to trash talk an otherwise great product. To be fair it has saved me countless times and these are just minor corrections I would like to see. As for the V1, I have never used one. All I have heard is that you can't turn of X band which would make me want to turn the whole thing off.
As far as I know, the newest generation of Beltronics all have ExpertMeter as well (mine does). You can also send in your STi Driver to be upgraded to STi Magnum.
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