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Originally Posted by puffer View Post
dang it! wish this was found out earlier. I replaced my AA with a PE cause of the drone. Loved the sound of the AA better (minus the drone at 2k). Now I'm down a few hundred bucks with an exhuast laying around when all i needed was some cheap wine.

AA sent metal hangers with my exhaust but my installer didn't use them. I'm guessing those would have gotten rid of the drone. I'm sure AA uses them on all their installs.
It didn't get rid of the drone... but less. As I understand it, can't completely get rid of drone with all the moving mechanical parts in the car. My goal here is to alter 1000 rpm or less so that it is felt minimum. I bought a few DynoMax clamps to reinforce the joint and the stiffer mount bushing. I am planning to tryan extra clamp to different place of the exhaust pipe to see I can alter the resonance lower... hopefully.

This clamp is the one I am replacing the one came with AA exhaust. There was a slight chance it may not fit (due to the curvature of the pipe), so second pix is the back up one I can put right besides the existing clamp. They just run $8-9 from amazon.
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