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So i have a problem that BMW cant find a solution to!!

Hey guys, first time registered on this site. I am so frustrated right now as my car has been very moody over the past 4 weeks. I have a 2007 335i that intermittenly goes to sleep and wont wake up until it decides to. So let me paint you the picture:

3 weeks ago, out the front of my office my bmw was parked. Went to open it with the FOB and nothing...i mean nothing! The only way to get into the car was by using the actual "key"..i mean who uses that these days. Once i opened the door nothing activated. No lights no nothing. I went to Canadian Tire to buy jumper cables in another car...forgot my wallet so I drove back to my car...walked up to it and it opened using the FOB like nothing was ever wrong. This happened again a week later. This time I used a car to jump it...thinking it must be the battery..but jumping didnt seem to do anything although the hazards gave me a quick flicker to let me know it was awake again. Used the FOB to open it and again it was like nothing happened. This has happened twice more and last night I had to get it towed to the dealership. Today they pushed it into the service department and before they could do anything it awoke and was able to be used normally. Now BMW is telling me they need it to fail again before they can start working on the issue. So frustrating because it can go a week without it happening. It has never stopped working while I am driving and the only thing I have to do is reset the clock once it awakes.

Can anyone help me out there as to what is happening???? The battery is showing that it is in perfect health.