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Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
Almost? I'd say it's neck and neck at this point. He was asked after the Cav's game "what's wrong with the team?" His answer??? "I don't know....."


Even Brown would ramble through a litany of reasons of why they lost, when they lost, which was far too often...just like now.
Did you catch that part where the reporter asked him about his defense in a somewhat rude way....and he responded with something like "You're starting to piss me off because what you're saying is not true. Hell yeah we spent time on defense, we spent 30 minutes last practice on D." (paraphrased)

That response was just funny on so many different levels.

Anyways, something interesting about the Cavs game. We were down by around 15 before half time by playing the somewhat fast-paced/poor D system. At 3rd quarter we slowed down everything in the offense, allowing the team to get back in position for D. So that stopped the fast break points by the Cavs and we caught up to within 2-3 points.

I'm not sure if this was Pringle's new gameplan, or did the team just ignored him completely, but the whole 2nd half does not remind me of Pringles AT ALL. Instead of "out-scoring" the other team, we actually tried to play defense to catch up.

OR....maybe I'm wrong and that's the result from that 30 minute practice they had for D.