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This helped me tremendously! Thank you so much. I come from a world of DSM's and am used to the old non-technological turbo days lol. This new age electronic stuff can be a bit challenging. When I got my 07 335i 2 weeks ago I bought it knowing it had a check engine code and I believe I got a great deal on it bc of that. Anyway, my symptoms were exactly like yours. I would get the infamous "engine malfunction" "reduced power" I left my car at a reputable shop for 3 days and he does work on foreign cars, but I guess not these newer aged ones. He couldn't figure it out. He said there is an electrical issue and was waiting to get the wiring schematics from the dealership. There is no BMW dealership close to me. I'd have to drive 3 hours to Lubbock or San Antonio TX. He said he was pulling a code he wasn't familiar with. So he probably didn't have the right equipment to read BMW codes. So I opted to just take my car home and see what I could find on my own. I knew my symptoms and knew I wasn't getting boost. So I searched Google and found lots of information. I'm pretty sure if I had a BT tool I would have been pulling the 30ff code I believe. I bought 4 ft of 5/32 vacuum line. I was letting a guy that does side work for me replace the vacuum lines. He followed the lines without taking the engine cover off just the two front screws off. He spotted a vacuum line unplugged and made sure it was snug. I took the car around the block and it blew my mind with the amount of power I had been missing the last couple of weeks. I couldn't believe I was without traction half way through second gear. Anyway, sorry for my rant, but I wanted to show my appreciation. I'm reading on here every day trying to get to know my car. My next step is the JB4!!!