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Originally Posted by BobS View Post
Great info OP! Thanks for sharing.

Do you guys have a boost guage? I wouldn't replace the lines unless you had a issue holding boost. Why take the chance of screwing it up?

The lines DO get brittle and become a problem in that particular space because the oil filter housing gets so damn hot and its practically right next to it. And I personally have a p3 vent gauge but 99% of the tunes on the market have a built in boost gauge by using the fuel gauge or oil gauge.....Honestly a five year old could probably replace these vacuum lines haha.

I had the same exact issue and I knew it had something to do with the wastegates staying open like a N/A motor. I just happened to look at the vacuum lines going into the canister and pulled it off and no vacuum. I replaced the top lines first but still no vacuum. I decided to look under the canister and the nipple that the actual line sucks onto was broken. Its held in by one bolt so I went and grabbed a new canister for like 25 bucks from BMW and decided to replace all the vacuum lines. When I traced the line to the brake booster it was brittle and horrible looking which would affect boost. What I did is left a little extra line so its not so close to the oil filter housing or anything really hot. So it could be affecting boost even in the most slightest way and you dont even know it... Just a little preventative maintainance if you want your car running in tip top shape.
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