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Originally Posted by jonl1983 View Post
It's FIBRE not FIBER!!!! Learn to spell!!!
fiber is American English

"fibre" is the "original" English word; "fibra" in Italian language
Sixty percent of the English language comes from Latin.
bestia -bestial, bestiality
schola-scholar, school, scholastic
mira-miracle, miraculous, mirage
obscura-obscure, obscured, obscurity
periculosa-perilous, peril
occupare-occupy, occupation, occupational
patria-patriotic, expatriate, patriotism

italian "farina" (flour) is in English "farina":
- a fine meal of vegetable matter (as cereal grains) used chiefly for puddings or as a breakfast cereal
-any of various powdery or mealy substances

Considering that the forum and the blog here is American...
(like color and colour )

Touring; thank you Oslo, Norway! greetings from Italy!

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