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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
wouldnt map 5 be better then map 1 since it autotune will correct any problems?
From all that I've read, it's better to begin using e85 while in map 1 to make sure your fuel trims are running at a safe level (as it requires ~1.2x the quantity of e85 as it would e93 to "fuel the fire"). So, you do some logging and find out if you're injectors are nearing maximum duty cycle (which mine are), before switching to map 5 which would target a much higher boost lever (requiring more fuel) and eventually max out my injects which would cause a lean condition and potentially grenade the motor. I'm going to refill with 93 once my tank empties and try map 5 on 93 only. This may provide that small performance bump I'm looking for until my M3 arrives.