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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
How do you know your car is not up to date? It could have been done at any service or warranty issue since late 2010, they don't tell you. It doesn't appear on service bills if they do it FOC.

You need to try the DVDs first, then book it in if it needs I perhaps??

Also, has you car had the free OBD theft 'security' update? if so, that should update the integration level of the car thus giving the lastes nev OS to you for free.
I don't know it's not up to date... I can only go by what the dealer has told me.

But I knew nothing about a free OBD theft 'security' update either. If as you say this will update the integration level of my car and give me the latest nav OS, I will owe you several beers or a bottle of nice wine or something as a thank you...

Is there any more information on this? I am finding the search function on this forum less than helpful
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