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Originally Posted by Statler View Post
Mine had a full update earlier in the new year which wiped out radio stations, voice dialing presets and a host of other settings.

I read the 'Riot Act' to them (available on Amazon and other good book stores..) but they just said 'Hey, whatever.."

You'd think in this day they could back up/restore user settings? I was told they couldn't copy over the voice dialng anyway as I spoke it into the car and they couldn't replicate my voice. WTF? How is it stored? On cotton wool or fairy dust?... no, it's digitally rendered so it can be backup up...

Anyway, the security fix (ha!) didn't wreck any of that on me again :-)
I just had to have a software update, since they done it the Voice Dial button on steering wheel does not operate, so cannot voice dial. Although after nearly two weeks the Dealership cannot find a remedy and are saying they are waiting for Germany to re issue another software download !!