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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
This nonsense was supposed to have stopped.

If you look here you'll see that wheels are an exception but I think your insurance company is just trying it on.
Cheer for the link Rich. Quoted this in another email to them and they've finally yielded to my request (no premium to pay and the winter wheels are covered)

Originally Posted by chris_s1 View Post
I thought that was standard, that they wouldn't cover the 'modification' wheels but running them wouldn't invalidate your policy. I'm sure thats the terms Admiral apply to my insurance with winter wheels/tyres.

I'm not sure about your argument about 'having' to switch to 18"s... You could fit winter tyres to any 19" wheel if you wanted. I run 18" winters but really only because the winter tyres are a lot cheaper in that size and I don't care how it looks in the winter when its all dirty most of the time anyway......
But then if you're involved in an accident, you're left with a set of ruined wheels/tyres and you have to switch them to the 19's before the Insurance company will settle. Add this to your excess and you could be well over a grand out of pocket... No thank you!

I accept, that winters can be fitted to 19's, but BMW don't sell this as an option and this is why I could use it to "add weight" to my argument. I too am happy to switch to 18's over winter to save on tyre costs and this is why I kept the MV3's from the previous car.