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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
The issue here is how up to date you car is already.

If it is up to date, then the new integration level with the 'fix' will only be a small change to whatever module.

If your car is years out of date (like mine) then bringing it up to the latest integration level with the 'fix' will need to change a lot of other modules too as it brings them all up to date.

BMW techs don't choose which module to update, they just plug in and press 'update' and it does whatever it needs to.

So unless this 'fix' is being executed as a manual intervention by more experienced techs, outside of the general update process, then it seems to follow that your whole car will be brought up to date.

Unless someone has more detail???
The fix is only the Cas module.

Yes, the techs can usually only update the whole car, but with this update, BMW have modded the system so it only touches on the Cas whilst leaving everything else as is. Can you imagine how long it would take to do a complete update on all UK cars? It's 20 mins versus up to 8 hours.

Some people are lucky and having a full car update, but it's rare.

BTW, the dealers won't be able to do it if you have any retrofits, such as Cic or new idrive controller etc. That's why I do my own.