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From Evolve on the matter....

HI Chris

Not one of our customers has fitted an aftermarket FMIC to a 335d and we have tuned 1000's.

A good intercooler should not need a remap to make it work. A good intercooler should work regardless.

The charge temps are lower - physically this means colder denser air hence more power. Now if the intercooler has a large pressure drop and the map needs to be changed to bring the boost back upů.this is not a good intercooler. You are now asking the turbo to work harder than it was before. An intercooler should not only reduce temps but also do it without causing too much pressure drop.

Unfortunately some of the more common and popular intercoolers do have a large pressure drop but they market them solely on their temp lowering abilities. They do not publish pressure drop numbers because they are not favourable to them.
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