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Originally Posted by TotalPower View Post
I just saw this BWM Factory video in which they go into some detail on the engine building process. At 11:04 they discuss dry testing the engine in which they run it off of an electric motor w/o using question is if they have oil in the engine at this point or not? DRY?

Typically, when rebuilding an engine or assembling a new one, you use assembly lube on all parts that move. For example, all crank and cam bearings are laced with this lube prior to torquing the retaining bolts.

I would imagine that BMW uses some form of lube during manufacturing. All virgin bearing surfaces need to "seat" themselves in the first few minutes of use and the right kind of lubricant, not just engine oil, is critical.

This may be old school but one other reason to do an oil change early (after break in) is to remove not just metal shavings but also the assembly lube which ends up in the oil. Modern engines are built with very tight tolerances so the days of finding metal shavings of any magnitude are probably gone.

Call me old fashioned, but I did an oil change at 1200 miles.