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Whilst I got no where close to be where I wanted to be by today I did get a few things done,
Stripped a load of the interior, sprayed some panels ( the grey ones) decided it wasn't happy with the finish so wiped of and re fitted. Thinking a dye, brush method may be the way forward for the remaining grey leather.

Did fit my carbon handbrake cover and alcantara boot, although needs a bit of tweaking, happy with it.

Also fitted my weighted performance bmw knob and boot. Once again a quick fit but happy with alcantara. Knob however not as weighted as I would have liked but feels much better being lower.

Random shot,

I have pedal covers and mats with themed 'm' logo will be in place.

Happy with interior, just need to sort the grey and then will be done......I think :muttley::muttley: