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Originally Posted by RWD4Life View Post
I would never understand why people put all this crap in their bodies and then end up surprised when they get cancer or some other disease...
Seriously though, If you have any family history at all of testicular or prostate cancer, i would highly recommend staying very far away from anything that will alter your natural test levels. It will greatly increase your risk. Remember, cancer cells will also grow faster with the added testosterone, just like every other cell that can be affected in your body by testosterone.

In the case that someone does get a cancer in those areas, they cant have any testosterone help after, meaning that with age they have to get by with very low levels with no help sometimes; for fear of re-occurrence. Just food for thought guys.

If you dont have any family history, it might not be that big of a deal and probably wouldn't be anything to worry too much about. If you did, run the other way quick.