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Originally Posted by BmerMeUp
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Pretty sure that doesn't matter. Load up NCS and try to connect to your car. The whole battery/ignition thing is just to make sure everything is working but sometimes it doesn't work.. Same thing happened to me.
Well... small progress, you were right. After I discovered NCS won't run on my Vista-64 machine (INPA was running fine, so I thought I got lucky... not) had to reinstall everything on a VM to get it to run after which I was able to get two dots although I didn't change anything.

NOW however... more problems. Wow this setup is finnicky, eh? So now INPA has 2 dots, but I'm getting new errors, tried NCS to make a profile and... same, lots more error messages.

Dig, dig dig... I'll get it... eventually.
What errors are you getting? There's a pdf somewhere that has every error that you can get.. (I'm pretty sure). That should point you in the right direction
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