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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
I messaged them for updates and I've actually been given a LOT of info surprisingly. They actually have 2 twin turbo upgrades and one single turbo upgrade running right now. One of the cars has a built motor as shown in their pics, but they aren't able to push the tuning limits yet so the full potential hasn't been reached since they are limited by the stock Map sensor.

They got some n20 sensors and were asking how to set them up, but the communication barrier was an issue and I couldn't really help them set it up, but they'll probably figure it out eventually. They are running 5.X second 100-200 km/h right now so after proper tuning the #'s should be pretty impressive.

I've watched them dyno on skype, pretty legit/impressive stuff. I got a bunch of pricing on stuff they sell and pricing is crazy. 6k just on exhaust setups, but that's just how normal pricing in Taiwan is and they don't really have any plans to sell to the US market.

I've tried to get proper vbox #'s, dyno info from them, but it's difficult as I don't speak a single word in their language, but maybe somebody else who does could talk to them?
I have a very legit contact in Taiwan as well as Singapore and I have tried contacting these guys numerous times. I have never heard anything back from them. And that's how pricing in Taiwan is? Um, no its not. Anything you can buy here you can buy or have made in Taiwan for pennies on the dollar. If they are charging 6 grand for an exhaust set up they are laughing all the way to the bank. I actually was very interested in their set up simply because its fun to talk to people who are involved in what you are involved in. But I tried months ago to make contact and nothing so I gave up. I wish them luck