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Originally Posted by Ryan87 View Post
Cheers for the replies guys.

Budget was up to 18k dependant on the mood of the misses on the day.

Having read peoples replies though im more dubious now than I was.

Assumed circa 400bhp and rwd would have made for a good drive.

As for m3 and m5, depreciation hasnt hit these as hard and the insurance is nearly double.

Although they do say you get what you pay for....
You can get a 2006 M5 for 15,000 these days. For the same money you will get a 2 year newer VXR8.

Not really a great deal in it and when you consider the VXR8 was 35,000 new and the M5 was 65,000 the BMW has suffered bigger losses.

I quite like them and all the reviews were positive about it.

It was always viewed as a bargain M5 or AMG Merc, but when you can get the real thing for the same money it does become hard to justify.