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Folks - sorry I've not been paying attention to the forum. Just saw the thread was bumped..

Originally Posted by werd View Post
Good find, adding to the list of maintenance things to be done...
Yep, that's a good idea.. It seems like rough idle is a common issue with this engine/car, so preventive maintenance should be helpful, especially as those miles pile on.

Originally Posted by Mattshokri View Post
i have a 2011 328i and my car shakes like what ur describing
im going to the dealership tomorrow so what should i tell them?
i also have 3000 miles on it.
also here is my thread with a vid.
let me know if this is how your car is also
Damn, that's bad! Mine was similar but not quite as bad. You definitely have a possible misfire or a MAF issue going on. Mine was similar but it would get bad, settle into a decent idle by itself for a few seconds, then get bad again. My idle speed never bounced up that high, it would always drop, bounce slightly higher than normal, settle in, then do it all over..

Was the dealer able to diagnose/fix the issue? If not, you could ask them to inspect all 6 spark plugs and coils, and check for pending misfire codes (that don't light up SES light).. Your issue could also be MAF related, so I would ask them to check the MAF connections and cleanliness. If they find the MAF was the culprit, and your car is under warranty, I would request a new MAF sensor, those things are finicky and don't like getting cleaned always.

Originally Posted by dylim View Post
How exactly do you check the resistance, and add the grease?
Once you have the coil out, there are three electrical contacts. I grabbed a multimeter and set it to measure DC resistance in the 0-20 Ohm range. Two of the three electrical contacts will give a reading for resistance. Mine were in the 1.9 - 2.0 Ohm range IIRC, I could be wrong on the numbers. I guess it's more important that all 6 measure about the same, if one or two are off, those are probably bad/going bad.. I'm not sure this is the 'official' way to diagnose coils, I'm sure BMW's service literature will show the correct way to diagnose the health of coils.

For the grease, just dab a little bit around the end of the coil boot (which goes over and around the spark plug top), press it in firmly and call it good. It's mainly to keep moisture and dirt away, and ensure good conductive contact with the spark plug.. You don't have to go gangbusters, just one of those little pouches for all six cylinders should do..

Originally Posted by ERIC212NYC View Post
DIY is needed
Noted, I didn't take pictures, so I can't make a DIY, but the next time I get a chance I will try to tear things apart again and get pics to make a DIY.. There's a good vid on Youtube that shows you most of what to remove and in what order:

Hope this helps! If you have similar experiences, please do share..