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Originally Posted by cuiter23 View Post
I don't get how winning a Harley can affect BMW sales...

Bottom line is, truck and bus drivers care nothing for the road and their surroundings. No matter what, they have the upper hand. When an accident happens, not only does the smaller car receive more damage and injuries, the trucks and busses always have the upper hand when dealing with insurance companies.

I have seen too many examples of busses taking up 2 lanes, forcing cars into walls. I dont care if truck drivers win skill competitions or not, the competition most likely comprises of trucks driving over curbs so they can turn at the next left without waiting in line like the rest do. Probably another aspect of the skill is to speed and cutoff cars without signalling. I am not only talking about 18-wheelers but also pickup drivers. Don't want to stereotype but this is what I have experienced and have way too many videos to back up my arguments.
This can't be a serious post. There's an entire transportation industry out there in the real world. Truck drivers care nothing for the road? They are filmed, tracked by satellite, as are their vehicles and cargo. How do you think your BMW got from the port to the dealership? By some metrosexual guy wearing white gloves?