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Originally Posted by melloww22 View Post
Whats the comparison of 310hp / 357 tq - Stage 1 Aggresive Beta vs BMW PPK?
I don't know yet - but I have a base line for stock and the PPK on my N55 135i both with the performance exhaust. My numbers with the SAE correction were Stock with PE - 266 HP, 278 Tq, and PPK with PE - 286 HP and 327 Tq . With the Std correction stock was 270/290 and PPK was 294/336. All pulls were with our standard premium gas - 92 octane with up to 10% ethenol. The tq readings are a little misleading as there was a bump of about an extra 25 to 30 lbs tq between 2600 and 2900 rpm. Over most of the power curve there was about a 25LB increase in tq over stock. The graphs are posted in a thread entitled 2011 N 55 dyno results.

Just got the Cobb AP today - will install after work and give the seat of the pants report tomorrow. If I can Dyno the car this weekend I will, if not will have to wait until January due to holiday travel plans. But I will definately be doing the dyno and we will able able to see what the Cobb brings compared to the PPK.