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Ordered some wheels from PYSpeed over Black Friday, not shipping them out? Input?

So I went ahead and ordered some sick looking wheels AGEN10, from PYSpeed, but unfortunately am having a headache of an experience.

So here's the background story
  • Tire tread at wear bar, good time to buy a new set of wheels just in time for Black Friday
  • Find AGEN10 wheels off PYSpeed from "Bobby" (Sales Representative) for about 900 shipped AFTER informing them that I would need these wheels ASAP because my tread is nearing minimum
  • Everything seems dandy after order is placed, but have not received a tracking #. Shot Bobby a quick email inquiring about it, was then informed that it would be sent out in less than a week.
  • Over a week later, still no tracking #. Send another email and was informed that it would be about a month from order date because he was "just informed" by his "boss" (later to be known as Eric) that the wheels would be sent out by sea to cut down on shipping costs.
  • I send a reply making sure that it will be no more than just over a month and receive another email telling me that they actually will not be sending the wheels out until at least 10 more people buy the set of wheels so they can get in on a "group buy"
  • Kind of frusterated at this point now that it's been over a couple weeks till he tells me this, and kind of thought it was a joke that they didn't tell me that they were going to make it into a "group buy." Told Bobby that I didn't opt for the buy and ordered through their website for the Black Friday specials. (Is it just me or is that bad business practice?)
  • Then they send me another email telling me that I should just buy another set of wheels off of them. I reply back saying that Black Friday deals are all over now and if I knew how much of a hassle this was going to be I would of took my business elsewhere and that I only bought from them because of the specific wheels they carried. (Maybe I'm just taking this too seriously)

I asked Bobby to be transferred to Eric/Manager or the "boss" and he told me that I could only email him. When I asked for his email address Bobby proceeded to provide me the "" email address. Not even a direct email? I don't get it. Emailed for Eric two separate times and got no response.

I then got an email from Bobby saying that they were going to cancel my order if I didn't order a different set of wheels from them.

I mean I wouldn't be taking this too seriously if
a) My tire tread wasn't at a minimum
b) Bobby wouldn't lie to me about shipping out the wheels so I could of just bought another set off a more reputable vendor while the Black Friday deals were on.


I hope PYSpeed sees this.
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