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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
If you dont think hunting or eating meat is necessary, you need to brush up on your history. We would not be where we are today as the human race, or as America (for those of you living here) if people did not hunt. Without that source of protein we would not have survived hundreds of years ago. Yes as society has progressed and modernized, hunting has turned more into sport than a crucial survival skill. However some people like to get their natural food the natural way and not buy it from an overpriced store full of hippies. That makes me want to rant about the whole movement against processed foods, but i'll save that for later. And yes there have been period, and still some cases now, of over hunting certain animals to extinction or near extinction and THAT is wrong.

Ultimately you have to realize, IT'S A FUCKING SQUIRREL! Squirrels are pests, a rodent, and have almost no value to nature. They will make your home their home, then destroy your home from within by eating through wires, tearing up insulation and making more holes than there should be, oh and shit everywhere. You defend the squirrel now until you have a nest in your attic.

What this guy was doing was showing how he killed the squirrel, yes the slow motion replay may have been a little tasteless, but to say that he himself should be shot is ludicrous!

You defend a squirrel and want a human to be killed because he is hunting for food? If I set up a meeting with you and the guy who made this video, and gave you a gun would you honestly shoot him? Would you sit there and watch him bleed out begging for help because you dont know how to make a clean kill let alone you probably do not know how to use a firearm. I want you to imagine yourself in that situation and think about what you said about this man you don't know. What if it was one of your family members or a close friend who made this video, would you still want them to die? Or what about if someone made a video of this man being shot, would you watch it and be happy? To wish death on another human over the internet makes you feel so much bigger of a person than him doesn't it? You're a coward is all and your family should be ashamed of you. Get the fuck out of here and shut the fuck up. Realize where you came from and how you got here.

Also just because you view this video as some twisted psychopath's source of entertainment doesn't mean everyone else does too. This can be educational to someone who has a squirrel problem and needs to kill them rather than trap and release them somewhere else only for them to come back.

In regards to the comment about airguns not being good for hunting, you obviously dont know shit about them. He isn't using a Red Rider BB gun. Varmint air guns are common and shoot at a pretty high velocity. Also theres the choice of pellets that can do serious damage at that velocity, especially to a small animal. If you had the right pellet with a fast enough gun you could probably kill a human if you hit them in the right spot too.

My main point is to educate yourself before you post stupid comments. Heres a little reading for those of you who think squirrels only exist to be cute.
It may be just a fucking squirrel to you
But it's a life
Just because it can't make pseudo witty remarks, or because it can't shoot a gun
Doesn't make it any less important
The only real coward is someone who thinks its funny to shoot a video killing defenseless animals

Oh and I don't particularly like your racist remark
Wtf do you mean where you came from and how you got here?