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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
We are discussing different things here, hunting, and the video.

Hunting is a essential part of who we are, and although it is not my cup of tea, I have absolutely no issue with it, I eat meat, and I know a lot of great folks who enjoy that hobby.

And for the record, I'm also not a big fan of squirrels.

I roll my eyes at folks who post a video telling us to fast forward to see the slow motion kill shot. (Please note, the OP never returned to his own thread).

To me, videos like these are pointless, and unnecessary. And if you get excited over that video it makes you a sad individual.

I've met folks like these, and most of the time they are the very opposite of being tough guys. I've seen very compassionate "tree huggers" who will hold the line against any threat. Just my observation and 2 cents.
I posted this video because I like to hunt sometimes, and personally I thought that this video was entertaining, so I shared it, it's that simple. The squirrel didn't suffer, so I don't see how anyone would think it was sick to watch the video, it was a nice shot, and I thought it was pretty damn cool, that's the whole story. As far as your claim that I didn't return, well that's not true I posted a few times on the first page, and then I got busy with other things.

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