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Why can't the guy enjoy his upgrades and tune?

I had Dinan S2 on my'09 335i and was very happy with it. I knew that it didn't provide the best bang for the buck but that wasn't what I was looking for at the time. I knew stronger tunes were out there but I really enjoyed the added performance over stock and peace of mind (via the warranty provided) that Dinan provided. It's true that there haven't been very many complete engine melt down situations out there with other tunes but I sure wasn't going to be one of them and I was willing to pay for the added security. I also didn't care about having the fastest car, and if I did I clearly wouldn't have picked Dinan over the other obvious choices - nobody is arguing that there are faster and cheaper options.

I almost equate this to choosing a Mac over a regular PC. Will they both do the same job? Can one be made faster than the other? Can the more processing speed be added to the PC at a minimal cost? Yes sir!!! While I paid more for my Mac, I've never had it crash like ever other PC I've owned. In other words, I'm happy to have a little less performance and pay a little more for maximum up time. Every performance decision has a risk/reward component so we shouldn't bag on folks for picking the safer route - and it can't be argued that less boost and tapering at high RPM levels is ultimately safer for the engine and components.

Congrats on your upgrades!!!