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They have been added to my list of companies to skip. Seems to happen to me often and I am getting sick of it. Just to be clear, I am not sure if I have purchased anything from PYSPEED before as I purchase many parts from many dealers. It is just easier for me to skip over them than take the chance. People always say that there is two sides to every story but I am starting to feel that the consumer is always getting the shaft now days. I have done almost all my xmas shopping this year on line. Half of the items I ordered have been incorrect items showing up at the door. And the so called "in stock ready to ship items when you purchase" yah, right. Family members are going to get alot of presents that say IOU on them this year. Good Luck to you OP. I feel your pain. Next year I am just going to do all my shopping the old fashioned way and burn some gas on the way.
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