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Originally Posted by CPWINCH View Post
Loved this comment haha

And I know this thread is already getting real long in the tooth but, really? All this for squirrels? And I know someone here said it was the video that bothered them. It was the "entertainment" of watching death that bothers him.

May I?

- Violent Video Games where we simulate killing humans labelled as "enemies".
- Every single movie where we root for the death of another human being, sometimes even feeling relief from that death, because such a person has the role of "antagonist".

You know what I'm getting at here. I'm just trying to expose the hypocrisy in here. There are many many channels in our lives where death is commoditized and packaged as "entertainment" and then sold to us. News, movies, games, etc. I believe the people here are expressing disgust because there is no "context" given here. The squirrel in the video wasn't labelled as an "antagonist" to our sniper, nor was there a context given for why it was shot. So then you decide to fill in the void: "He's a disgusting human being" "He enjoys this as pleasure" "There's something wrong with him, not me" "That squirrel was 'innocent'".

This psychology of assumption definitely carries itself into other places. Like when we watch a video of someone being shot by the Police, and we assume our own opinions: "Police are pigs!" "That man was a threat!". But we have no context.

Point being if you're really bothered by death as entertainment, that is odd. All that's different in this video is lack of context. Death as entertainment is very much enjoyed by everyone, in one form or the other. It's just that no one stands up declares "I love watching death". But we all do, given the right context and more importantly the correct "labels".