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Regret not buying a 335?

Not sure if this thread will be popular but Im bored and have time to waste
(Not sure if this is already a thread, but if it is..... no need to flame me for it because I can do what I want motherfuckers!)

Anyways, When I bought my e90 I got to be honest I knew NOTHING about a 325, 328, 330, or 335 lol. I only got my 328 because it looked fast and it was a bmw Not until months later did I join the forums and became educated about the car I drive. 2 Months in I realized that the right 3er for me was the 335 and then I started modding to make up for the "coolness" factor I thought I lacked.

But then I realized, it was probably for the better that I did not get a twin turbo charge 300hp engine, because of the way I drive my 328 I would have killed myself by now.

Now all my buds refer to me as "BMW boy" because they are impressed of all my bmw knowledge that I have gained form this website. haha I find it quite comical and I kinda take some pride in that

So long story short at first I was all bummed I didn't do some researching about the 3 series before I purchased but now I know the 328 is the right car for me and sets me up to gain much respect for the power of cars ( considering I dont have that much )

How about you guys? Any regrets? even though I hardly doubt it, they're all great cars!!