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Originally Posted by Mahzari View Post
Makes sense, thank you.

But honestly, I have little respect for this list. They put two engines from the Honda Accord on the list? Let's get real: a 2.4 liter four-cylinder with 185hp and the same mileage as my N20 is not that impressive.
The Accord is 27/36, while the BMW is 23/33 (or 34), and I am sure the Accord will get better in real world, since Honda is very conservative with their EPA numbers.

The Accord is a much bigger car (over 191 inches in length) that weighs less than the BMW (or close to the same, depending on equipment) and 0-60 times with the manual have been tested at 6.7 sec (the 189 HP version). Not to mention this engine is pretty bullet proof and will go virtually standard maintenance only for 200K miles easily.

I would say that is pretty impressive for a car costing around $20-30K.