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I still have them.. I am an ASM at a large Toyota dealership.. my friend owns a large tuning company in Rhode Island and i buy everything cash through him.. They are still on the car and may come off this week but the car is off the road since im trading it in for a 2014 5.0gt with a 2.3l s/c-- If no one wants them then they stay on the car and get traded in..

not sure why everyone wants an invoice-- they are $995 new.. im asking $245 less than that.. not sure where the issue is.

Plus 1 yr warranty? They come with a lifetime rebuild warranty if the shock fails send it back and they will send you a new one.. I can just get an invoice from the store owner but Ive been buying parts from him for years and just pay cash.. not sure what to tell you guys..

Anyone is welcome to PM me and can contact me through the dealership.. not really in any rush to sell them, just trying to give someone a deal and put a few dollars towards GT mods

-- anyone local can feel free to come for a ride in the car and see how they are... im really not that motivated to run around finding invoices and stuff... they have been on the car a few months and are in good shape.. not sure what else to say hahha