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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Now that COBB is offering their flash, it's a matter of time until they figure out how to tune aggressively (Stage 2+ levels). The biggest headache seems to be the Valvetronic at non-WOT/partial throttle conditions.
I really wonder where this idea comes from. Any solid source for this, except the usual "I don't know, I've heard some dude say that on a forum" ? I really see none of those issue on my car in those exact situations on a Procede, partial non-WOT, I can keep boost at any level with my right foot, its smooth. Valvetronic works fine as it is, I don't see any problem there. And the piggybacks are not controlling anything related to the valvetronic.

I've see this idea floating around every couple months, always by some n54 dude. Now Cobb is out, and there is already a review, its smooth...