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Originally Posted by 335ixdrive2009 View Post
Anyone have experience with the Catback magnaflow exhaust?
If so, does it drone?
Is it too loud? Too quiet?
Are there any other Catback or axel back exhaust systems I should look at? Looking at purchasing an exhaust system in the next day or so. Thank you for the help!
I had this. 2 magnaflow mufflers, divorced piping, 2nd cat deletes, stock DP. Vibrations in center console. Drone at 2.5k freeway speeds. AT in my 335i 08. Deep sounds but with that combination, it made a nasty rasp like a honda civic at mid rpms.

It's loud but didn't like it and went to eisenmann with magnaflow x-pipe on stock exhaust piping, stock dp. almost to zero drone and no rasp