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I've had a couple of Z28's in the past, each with power equivilent to or greater than the 335. They both weigh about the same. My last car was a Grand Prix GTP that had close to 300 lb-ft to the front wheels (RWD in Reverse Gear!).

Fast cars are fun, but they can be a liability depending on where you live. There's a lot of traffic around D.C.. I could never really open up my LS1 Z28 6-speed. I always felt like I was just loping around with it. I'd have the same issue with a 335.

I ended up with a 328. I can wring out the engine and rarely feel like I need any more power than it already has. With an AA tune in DS it's really responsive and I have a ton of fun with it. The short gearing makes it feel like it has more power than it does.

The thing that held me back from a 335 at the time was primarily cost. I'd have to get an older car with more miles and I wanted to keep this one a long time. That combined with possible HPFP and DI headaches clinched it for me.

If I felt it was worth the extra money, I would've gotten one. I'm definitely not dissappointed with my choice though. I love my 328i.

To each his own, but that's my story.