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Originally Posted by crazyinp View Post
That was a good reading. Which is more interesting was that I didn't see anywhere pressure data of the Wagner FMIC even after everyone kept asking.
Agreed. Frankly I was shocked at how little the Wagner rep seemed to know about the performance characteristics of their own product.

Originally Posted by crazyinp View Post
We might get more luck getting EVOLVE to design and test FMIC for 335D.
I actually mentioned this to Imran yesterday after he told me how great their local manufacturer is - see below.

"We actually have a very good IC manufacturer we work with locally. They make our R56 and 335i IC and also the OEM IC's for the Koniegsegg. We have discussed and FMIC for the 335d but have not had a huge demand for it so have not gone ahead with making one."

But after some prodding (begging ) he responded...

"Let me look into it with regards to costs etc and I will let you know. They will never be as cheap as some of the other ones as we only used vacuum braised cores that are specifically designed for each application."

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